Introductory letter

 Information for Parents/Carers 2017


Thank you for your interest in our activities. Diving sessions at Highgate Diving Club (Swanley) are always busy so below we have listed information covering some of the more commonly raised questions/issues. Please ask if you need further clarification.


Class Objective

 The objective of our diving classes is to give each diver a solid grounding in basic diving movements and to provide a stable foundation for progression onto more complicated dives. This involves lots of repetition as we gradually seek to build up skill levels. Safety is of paramount importance and in order to progress, children must master each skill in a particular grade before attempting more difficult moves.


Coaches and Squad Supporters

 Our coaches all follow a comprehensive grading programme endorsed by the Great Britain Diving Federation and teach to the same standard. Therefore, the divers will move between our coaches each week and so benefit from a greater range of coaching experience and expertise.

Additionally, selected experienced and skilled divers from our squad will help by physically demonstrating and assisting training on a small group or one to one basis, under the guidance of our Head Coach. This has proved to be particularly beneficial to many divers both in improving technique and achieving their grades.


Progressing – Grade Tests

There are 5 main grades, each with 7 or 8 movements, all of which need to be performed satisfactorily before moving to the next grade. Please be aware that divers will progress at different rates and that this is perfectly normal. Most divers would be expected to move from grade 1 to grade 2 within one or two 10 week sessions (if they attend most lessons!). Progression after this may take more sessions. We check regularly whether individuals have learnt the skills required or need additional help on particular areas (this is often where our squad divers will help out). All coaches will recommend progressing divers who have clearly reached the grade requirements, subject to agreement by the head coach.



 Divers who have reached grade 5 will be considered to join the squad.



Our classes are aimed at those who want to achieve a good diving standard and are focussed on this rather than endless competitions. We do enter as many divers as possible for the Kent Schools Competition (for all divers by school year) whenever it is run.



Diving is a technically challenging sport and becomes more so as the moves become more complicated. Please be aware that it may not suit every child and any that are clearly struggling may be best advised not to continue. We want all our divers to enjoy their diving and try to make each lesson fun, but it also has to be disciplined to ensure everyone’s safety. We expect each diver to be enthusiastic and showing some progression towards achieving the skill level of the grade they are working on. We will work with all divers who clearly want to progress and who are receptive to coaching feedback. However, we will advise you if we believe they are no longer benefitting from the classes.




Please be aware that our club is run entirely by volunteers (all CRB checked). We ask you to support us by ensuring that the divers are well behaved and ready to learn. The fees charged pay only for the pool hire, insurance costs, badges etc. and we try to keep all costs to a minimum. We do our best to give each diver the greatest opportunity to learn and progress.


Course Dates and Fees

Dates: A new 10 week course will begin on 19th February running until the 7 May 2017.

Please note there is no diving on or 26 March or 16 April

Fees: The first taster lesson is free. Costs if you are joining are £120 for the 10 week course, payable on or before the 19th February 2017.

Fees should be paid by cheque and made payable to Highgate Diving Club, or in cash at the poolside desk.

Alternatively, you may pay via bank transfer to:


Highgate Diving Club

A/C no: 61304771

Sort code 40-40-45

Please reference payment with your child’s name and surname.


Should you require any further information, or have any concerns please speak to us or email Ian at




Ian Cunningham

Head Coach