Highgate Diving Club is a diving club in London which was founded in 1928. Members of the club have represented Great Britain in many Olympic, European and Commonwealth games. The club fought for the advancement of diving.

The first British club was Highgate Diving Club, founded in 1928 and based at Highgate Ponds in North London. It was set up by a group of English divers following the Olympic Games in Amsterdam which demonstrated the supremacy of American divers. Diving at Highgate Ponds involved dangers not encountered by divers of today: creaky boards, rusty iron ladders, murky water with pond-life both above and below the surface. Sometimes it was necessary to delay a dive to allow a group of ducks to go by; touching the bottom of the pond stirred up a cloud of muddy water and encounters with unknown objects such as old bottles and cans.

By 1939 the club dominated the British diving scene, but was then inoperative during the war years. Subsequently Highgate produced many outstanding divers.

The club was a male only club for many years – the diving platform at Highgate Ponds was in the men’s pool and women had no access to it. Women were finally admitted as members in 1990, as many of them were already being coached by the Highgate coaches.